Santa Retires Excited. These Hot Deals on Insane New Products Broke the Internet!

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Santa saw these major deals on the best new tech and gadgets and finally said – “Ho ho ho, I’m ready to retire and move to Fiji!”. Clearly these deals are just too HOT even the CEO of Gift-Giving is saying this holiday will still be a success without him!

You won’t find these best-sellers in regular brick and mortar stores as they are only available online. Everything is top-rated and almost everything comes with free shipping and pre-negotiated discounts!

So, with Santa kicking his feet up on a beach sipping on Pina Coladas, check out these hot 2019 products on popular “Most Gifted” items suited for EVERYONE on your list!

Get a Blissful Foot Massage by Just Walking! Get Rid of Foot Pain, Back Pain and Headaches with These Patented and Effective Miracle Insoles!


You’ll kick yourself for not discovering these earlier ❗ ❗

If you have foot pain, headaches, diabetic neuropathy, or it simply hurts when you walk, you need to try these patented miracle insoles.

Did you know back, knee, and hip pain is often due to an issue in the feet? Think about it – you’re on your feet all day. Any slight misalignment can affect your entire body. Your spine is full of sensitive nerves.

The team at Mindinsole has created a revolutionary foot insole that combines ancient reflexology with modern magnetic technology to deliver 400 different acupoints of relief for your feet.

It also improves circulation in your feet to relieve most forms of neuropathy. To date, Mindinsole has helped millions of people suffering from chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis and diabetic neuropathy!

Turn excruciating pain into glorious pleasure! Thousands report that Mindinsole starts working within minutes!

What could be a better Christmas gift than relief from pain?! 🤔

Promising Review:

They really make a difference. Having chronic back pain from numerous surgeries due to being hit by a car in 1986, I was very skeptical that an insole could make a difference, but I was willing to try anything. To my surprise the insoles really do help with the pain. I find that I can walk farther and with reduced pain. I am now a believer and would recommend these to anyone that may be wondering if the insoles could help them. – William C.Jr.

Compact, Personal Heater Warms Up Cold Spaces in Less Than a Minute and Save Energy Costs!


Holidays 🎄❄ means cold temperatures in many parts of the world…and that means high energy costs.

But Zen Heater is a remarkable, must-have device that uses less electricity than a laptop.

Powerful blast of warm air will make any space warm and comfy! Give the gift of comfort and save energy. It’s a gift that anyone will appreciate!

Stay warm and happy all winter!

Promising Review:

Love, love, LOVE! This little heater is perfect for my very small bathroom. I won't have to warm the entire house in the morning before bathing. This should save a lot of $ Also, this heater is about 3/4 the size of a bread loaf which means it uses less energy than a larger heater. Plugs directly into the wall and I can redirect the flow of heat with the turning plug feature. I searched everywhere for a small heater that plugs into the wall (without a cord) and this is the only one I found. – Mike R.

The Never Before Seen Patented Vitamin C Treatment That Defies Aging – As Seen on Good Morning America!


Models, actresses, influencers – everyone in the beauty world can’t get enough – see what the rage is all about! ✨

BeautyStat™ Universal C Skin Refiner is a Vitamin C treatment with a one-of-a-kind patented formula that contains 2 key powerhouse ingredients: Stable 20% Pure Vitamin C & Stable Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

Proven to work better in half the time than the leading luxury-brand competitor’s product!

Visibly see younger, supple, smooth, and even skin in just 1 month.
✅ Fades the appearance of age spots
✅ Improve collagen synthesis for firmer, supple, younger looking skin
✅ Instantly smooth skin texture
✅ Visibly notice even skin tone in as little as 1 week

Promising Review:

After reviewing both the formula and the clinical results, I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner to my patients. – Daniel Foitl, MD, FAAD

The EASIEST & FASTEST Backup Solution That Protects All Your Important Memories and Documents from Disaster, Explosions, Theft, Hard Drive Failure...and Even Hot Coffee!!


Are you one of those people who never backs up their stuff?
We know every computer expert always tell you to back up your photos, videos, document and other files, but does everyone always do it? Probably not.

Backing up your computer is the one thing you never do until it’s too late. But by then it’s a nightmare. What would you do if everything on your computer or phone was gone? Poof!! Just like that?!
Now, everyone can protect all their stuff in minutes! It’s the perfect gift. 🎁

Seniors, students, even the computer illiterate can save everything just by plugging this space-age looking USB drive called InfinitiKloud into your computer or android phone and click the “Start” button.

Not only is it easy to save everything – it will be safe in your hands and not in the “cloud” where snoops could steal your passwords or bank account info. YOU will have it.

It’s so easy and simple you’ll want to order one for every member of your family! You’ll even save stuff you forgot about! InfinitiKloud finds it all!

Promising Review:

“This was the best piece of tech I have bought in a while, well worth the money. Very easy to use, and very quick. - Graham Hey”

Get Blazing Fast Five Bar Internet Even in Distant Basements, Out in The Yard, Or in The Attic! No More Dead Spots, Even in Apartments with Brick Walls! Blast Away and Don’t Rely on Cheap Routers from Your Greedy Provider!


Do you hate slowwwww internet? Do you hate buffering, stuttering videos, and dropouts? Do you want super-fast, reliable internet? Even up in the attic, down in the basement, or out in the yard?

⚠️ Your greedy internet provider just wants to gyp you and charge you more money for the same crummy service.
Don’t call them! Don’t pay an extra penny!

Just plug in SuperBoost WiFi, and you’ll be blown away with strong, drop-free internet just about anywhere in your house.

Hundreds of thousands are enjoying powerful, strong signals. It’s so easy!

Just plug in SuperBoost WiFi and get ready to rock 🤘 You’ll enjoy strong signals everywhere in your house or apartment. Even out in the yard or far away!

No technical skill needed. It’s the greatest gift you can give because you use your internet every day.

Promising Review:

SuperBoost was my last effort to fix my internet. The connection didn’t even make it out of my living room. I tried similar devices, but none of them worked as promised. SuperBoost is the real deal, I can use the internet anywhere at home and even some areas outdoors and I didn’t have to pay a single cent
extra to my ISP. - Jordyn Weber

Fix Bad Posture - Don’t Waste Time and Money on Chiropractors!


Coughing, headaches, sore feet can all be caused by bad posture!

Now you can fix your posture with RenuBack. It realigns your spine, helps your circulation, and works silently to correct spinal imbalance.

Why waste money 💸 on Christmas gifts that will be forgotten in a few days, when you can change your life and fix your health with RenuBack?

Try it and be amazed!

Promising Review:

I swear by this product! It works well and it works FAST. I ended up ordering a few more for my family and friends. I love that I can wear it under my clothes. I even wear it to the gym and I barely notice that its there. – Janice F.

Total Hair Restoration That Nourishes, Stimulates, And Naturally Grows Healthy Hair!


Can you see unsightly bald spots? Are you leaving a ton of hair in the shower drain?

Don’t suffer from creeping baldness… VitaHair naturally restores a full thick head of hair just by combing!

Up until now, early primitive laser devices have only been made available to hair clubs and salons that charge ridiculous amounts of cash.

VitaHair has the latest, ultra-new electronics and laser technology. VitaHair uses cutting-edge micro laser technology that blocks the "hair killing" DHT hormone instantly, so you can stimulate natural healthy hair regrowth.

Look and feel younger with a thick, healthy head of hair in weeks!

Promising Review:

My hair has been thinning since turning 50, but now that I use this brush, its like I’m turning back the hands on the clock and my hair is thick and luscious again. I tried everything, and this is the only thing that has actually worked! – Adam Charles

Wirelessly Stream Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO Now, And Thousands of Other Apps and Games to Your Big Screen TV!



'Tis the season  to watch all your holiday movies and shows on the big screen! This caster projects any video to your TV in glorious, sharp, crisp Hi-Resolution. TVBuddy uses your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as the remote control for your TV.

It connects to your Wi-Fi network and is compatible with even the fastest new 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Why squint looking at tiny videos on your phone when you can wirelessly beam them to your giant TV screen for the entire family to enjoy?

Anything you can see on your phone or computer screen; you can watch in beautiful HD on your big screen with fantastic audio and sound effects!

You can even beam a game on your big screen TV!  TVBuddy is better than Chromecast! Many say it is easier to use and gives a better picture!

🎁 Get it now and enjoy it for years to come! It’s a perfect gift for yourself or your family!

Promising Review:

My TV is too dumb and old to have any “Smart” features on it, so I was stuck with watching YouTube and Netflix on my tiny little phone. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover the TVBuddy Caster! My friend told me about it and it totally rocks. Everything looks so much COOLER on the giant screen! – Misty B

These Super-Advanced Wireless EarBuds Sound Better Than the Apple Originals – and at a Fraction of The Price!


📢 The battery life and ergonomics blows apple away! Get them now before the secret is out and it drives up the price!

There’s a lot of crummy clones of Apple Airpods being sold. Almost all the clone earbuds we tried before were too big, ugly, looked weird, and fell out of our ears. Playbeatz on the other hand – looked great, were the right size, and fit super securely.

If you want fantastic sound, better battery life than apple, and up to date electronics, Playbeatz will astound you!

Don’t be suckered into paying close to $200 for inferior Apple earbuds. Get better sound, better Bluetooth range, and pay the right price for Playbeatz!

These revolutionary wireless earbuds called Playbeatz are already transforming the market by changing the definition of “premium quality” that will leave even the most demanding music lovers surprised!

Playbeatz are ideal for listening to music, making and receiving phone calls, fully compatible with both Android and iOS, and have an exceptional 8-hour battery life. Playbeatz means that everyone will be able to enjoy premium sound quality on a budget!

Promising Review:

As a busy student who’s always running around campus, I like to take my music wherever I go. I lost my super expensive headphones and didn’t have the funds to replace them. Then I saw an ad for the PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds and thought I would give them a try. Wow. What a lifesaver. Best price around for an awesome set of earbuds. – Kelly K

Small but Mighty Air Purifier That Eradicates Mold, Odors, and Particles in The Air!


Give the Gift of Clean Air for Christmas!

This little plug-in makes your home smell like a cool mountain breeze after a fresh spring rain ⛰– and all you have to do is plug it in.

Plug N’ Pure is revolutionary new device eliminate all odors – get rid of stinky animal smells, stale sneaker odor, cooking smells, and more!

Plug N’ Pure dispenses negative ions that clean the air and make everything smell great. When it rains, negative ions are released by nature, which is why the air always smells so fresh and clean after a storm.

This device does the same thing, using negative ions to scrub the air clean and remove odor molecules from the air. It doesn’t just cover up odors, it literally removes them!

Welcome to the year 3000. 👽

Promising Review:

These Breathe Green Plug n' Pure Air Purifiers have been amazing for my allergies! Those that have asthma or allergies know to take their meds right before bed or you might wake up due to breathing issues. Well your sleepless nights are over! I have had my purifier for a while now and have been able to sleep through the night without issue. I cannot express how much my breathing has improved and how grateful I am for finding Plug n' Pure Purifiers. They work so great that I got one for my cousin whose asthma is way worse than mine, and she is breathing so much better now! – Rich McCarthy

The High Quality, Easy Way to Cut Nails for Seniors, Kids and Anyone Who Wants Beautiful Nails!


✅The easiest and most scientifically ergonomic way to cut your nails.

Don’t struggle with low-quality, dangerous scissors and nail clippers that are sold in discount stores. Badly made mass-produced nail cutting clippers are little more than toys.

Cheap nail cutters are poorly manufactured to a lowball price and can bend and break. Flimsy metal cutters hurt your hands and can even cause injury when you try to force them to cut tough nails.

ClipperPro is an extremely high-quality nail cutting instrument that was designed by orthopedic surgeons.

It will make cutting even the toughest nails easy and painless.

Thick nails, ingrown nails, tough nails will cut like butter and not hurt your hands!

Promising Review:

Best invention since the wheel.
I was so impressed with this product. Cutting my nails and toenails has always been a chore until now. I bought the CLIPPERPRO and my life is now complete. I love this product. This is the best nail clipper I've ever used. – Jon

The Essential Wireless Phone Charger that Feels like MAGIC! FOR ANY PHONE!


You know what happens... you get busy doing something and suddenly your phone is dead when you desperately need to find directions to that pizza joint or call yourself an uber. But this never has to happen again!

💡 Most new phones, Android or Apple, can charge rapidly and completely wire-free. But BetterCharge also offers FREE adapters to make any – yes, ANY! – phone wireless charging compatible.

No more charging with old, frayed, frustrating wires. Anyone can join and experience the future of smartphone technology.

BetterCharge is a powerful wireless charger. Just set the phone down and in no time, it is charged to 100%!

Promising Review:

WOW, I didn’t think my old iPhone would ever work again. It only charges when I hold the cable in place, as its very slow. As soon as I placed my phone on the charging base, it powered up super fast. – Natalie Hendricks

The Humane and Easy Way to Train Any Dog!


Shock collars can torture dogs! 🚫 Please don’t use them!

BarxBuddy is safe, humane, and easy to use✅. It only uses high frequency sound to gently train any dog with no shocks or pain.

This gift is perfect for dog lovers & owners.

Gently correct unwanted behavior, BarxBuddy can literally train your dog overnight.
Have fun and train any dog new tricks… “fetch beer” anyone? 🍺

Promising Review:

Worked great on my 2 stubborn dogs... even my cat... no more scratching the couch.. and all the barking when both dogs got going at same time is in the past. This device worked great for me! – Ophelia Ashton

Instant Translator – Have Conversations with Anyone in Dozens of Languages!


Truly, this device is remarkable. 💯

Two famous Japanese inventors took language translation to the next level and created an instant translator called MUAMA.

It can easily translate real-time speech into over 40 languages using a few finger-taps.

It’s wireless and works by Bluetooth – and makes communicating so simple you will be amazed.

MUAMA makes it easy to travel to foreign countries – you can order in restaurants, ask for directions, even meet new friends! Get the most out of your travels with MUAMA!

Get one now before you travel for Christmas. It is absolutely the best gift possible for world travelers! 🗺✈

Promising Review:

It is magical. It is small enough to hold or put in my pocket. I bought this for my parents. They just know their own language. They love to travel to different countries. They said they used this translator and got to know many people round the world. They even use this to learn foreign languages. It’s really fantastic. The delivery is very fast. - David

Is Noise Driving You Crazy? Do You Want Peace and Quiet Anytime, Anywhere?? You Have to Try These Patented Ear Plugs! You Won’t Believe Your Ears!!


 A lot of people today are jerks. Wherever you go, people are screaming, yelling, talking at the top of their lungs. 🗣

If you’re on a bus, train, or in the air, the constant background noise can make you insane.

Put yourself in a quiet centered place instantly. Block out the chattering hordes with custom-designed, super-effective QuietBuds!

Cafes, restaurants, sporting events, on the road, even in your own home! It’s so bad in some places that people can’t even get a good night’s sleep!

QuietBuds are the revolutionary new noise-cancelling ear plugs that will completely block out those annoying sounds that can overwhelm your senses. They come with custom designed, noise cancelling “cores” that are better than any ear plugs ever made!

Great for tinnitus, seniors, concertgoers and office workers. Control your life and take control of your senses!

Promising Review:

I have a two-hour compute to the city. I need the extra sleep both ways and QuietBuds block out all the ambient noise of the bust and train I commute on. They let me have the extra blissful sleep and the commute core is awesome as it keeps me alert but relaxed. Best way to travel. – Miley S.

If Neck, Back, and Headache Pain Is Killing You – Fight Back with NecKomfort!


Amazing device knocks out tension and muscle pain in minutes!

The holidays are a stressful time, don’t let headache and neck pain torture you.

If you’re feeling headachy and sore, don’t spend hundreds on a chiropractor or doctor appointment. NecKomfort can be attached to most doors to help provide relief from neck and shoulder pain.

💆 It might look weird, but just try using this portable neck hammock for 10 minutes. You’ll feel adjusted, comfortable, and your pain can be gone for the holidays!

Don’t be fooled my imitation products, this is the one you want to gift…and it’s the best gift you can buy for yourself!

Promising Review:

I like to use this after a long day. Whether I’ve been at a desk all day or out surfing, NecKomfort just makes me feel so relaxed. My body feels amazing and I’m ready to tackle anything like a champ. – Sam C.

Patented Compression Socks Reinvented with Pure Copper & Customizable Pressure!


Foot pain can forecast many other health problems. 😷

There’s a reason why elderly and top athletes prefer compression socks to fix foot pain and improve their health.

Whether you have beginning stages of plantar fascia or just fatigued feet from being on your feet all day, Kompress Kinetic will reduce swelling and pain in the heels.

It’s also a must have for anyone with circulation problems in their lower limbs. If you or someone you know feet’s regularly feel cold, have varicose veins, or can't feel your toes, then this is it!

With special copper fibers to help with energy flow and patented focal straps to customize and pin-point pressure where you need it most – why suffer when you can instantly and easily relieve foot pain right now!

Promising Review:

My ankles always felt unsteady and eventually painful in the sides and shin area. This is the first compression sock that grips my ankle and allows me to focus compression where I need it the most. The adjustable bands create amazing relief. I am not a runner, but I can go long distance now thanks to Kompress Kinetics. – Richard F

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by a Mess of Wires, Cables, and Chargers. Solve All Your Charging Problems with This Neat, Powerful, and Modern All-In-One Hub!


Let’s face it. We all have a lot of devices. It’s a big problem and a big mess keeping them all charged. You don’t want a rat’s nest of wires and cables everywhere you go. Too many wires can even be a big fire hazard! 🔥

For anyone looking to keep the most convenient way to charge their devices— or for anyone looking for a practical and affordable gift— MaiCharging is a smart option this holiday season. 🎄

MaiCharging provides 3-in-1 charging in a modern docking system designed to blend in with any décor. Keep it plugged in on your desk or bedside table and you’ll always know that your smartphone, smart-watch, and wireless earbuds will be fully charged in no time at all.

You’ll never search for a wire or cable again! Make your life easier and safer now!

Promising Review:

It's simple, elegant, and looks great on my nightstand. My iPhone X has a leather case on it and the phone still charges perfectly. I love the stand-up position it puts the phone and watch in, it’s like having a digital clock radio on top of everything else! – Daren S.

Stop Polluting the Planet with Single Use Straws! EZSipper is a Clean, Safe, Reusable, Take-Anywhere, Straw.


☢There’s a literal island of plastic trash floating around the ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! Every time you take a sip with a disposable straw, you’re adding to the pollution problem.

For the perfect Holiday gift 🎁– reusable, stainless steel EZSipper makes a statement that says you care. Don’t contribute to destroying the ocean environment!

What’s better than a gift that saves the planet?! 🌎

Promising Review:

EZSipper is great. I feel like James Bond 007 in the club when I assemble my straw. It attracts attention!! Best thing is after I am done the bar tenders always clean it for me and of course ask where I got it, because it is so bespoke. – Asaka C.

Ultra-Bright All-in-One Flashlight is the Last You Ever Need!


🔦 Everyone needs a flashlight, especially when there are power outages, emergencies, and other occasions where the power goes out.

FotiaLamp has everything you need, it’s a great flashlight – with a super powerful LED light that’s also a multi-tool with a bright, long-lasting lantern built in.

With a handy magnetic lock to keep it in place, a secret storage unit, and even an emergency glass breaker. Combined with the most advanced LED made – this flashlight is built to last!

Get several for Christmas, the perfect gift and stocking stuffer!

Promising Review:

This thing is the handyman’s secret weapon. Anyone who does their own home renovations or car repair needs to get one. It’s like a trouble light only brighter, smaller, and easier to use. You can hold it, hang it, or stick it to anything metal. The metal shell is really rugged and durable too, I’ve had mine for over a year and there still isn’t a scratch on it. Genius design. – Aaron

Take Your Selfies to Sky-High Levels With this HD Pocket Drone!


📸 Stand out from the crowd on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube. AltusCamHD is the world’s best and easiest drone!

Maybe you thought drones were hard to use and expensive. Not anymore! AltusCamHD is super-simple to set up and has a fantastic camera.

Get all the weird and unique angles for your images. Capture photos on the fly! Just download the app and start flying!

Promising Review:

I take it everywhere! I like to take a lot of pictures when I travel, and this is the PERFECT device. It’s small, lightweight, doesn’t need any extra parts. I can bring it through customs when I’m at the airport with no hassle. The pictures can be shared straight from my phone too! – Penny J.

The High-Tech Biometric Scale That’s Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer!


🏋 It’s almost like having a personal trainer or doctor on your phone! Use this scale and the app to keep track of all your vital functions. A perfect gift of health for the holidays!

KoreScale tracks everything from weight, body fat, bone or muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and much more!

Promising Review:

Wanted to say how much I like the KoreScale. Very impressed with how it synced with my Fitbit and iPhone. The only problem is that my teenage son keeps stealing the scale out of my bathroom. Time to order another one. – Dave C.

Amazing Relief from Muscle Pain! Ice or Heat Therapy Roller Helps Heal Sore Muscles in Record Speed!


❗❗ It’s not just a simple personal massager. KoreSphere is built with a remarkable a stainless-steel sphere filled with a special gel that can be cooled or warmed to instantly eliminates pain on contact.

If you have aches and pains, workout stress, or any type of deep muscle pain, you have got to try this amazing piece of human engineering.

💪 It’s the greatest Christmas gift for seniors who have aching muscles, and for anyone who works out or does physical work. You must try it!

Promising Review:

My back gets really stiff after I work out, but this loosens it back up instantly. I keep it in my gym bag and I like it cold but big muscles feel great with it warmed up. Just soak in hot water. Cools me down and relaxes all my muscles at once. Highly recommend! – Janet Barnes

Did You Know That Over 1,000 Roadside Accidents Occur Every Year? Get These Safety Discs and Stay Safe On the Road!


With the winter season here, road conditions are getting more and more dangerous. Safety Discs are the must-haves in every driver’s emergency kit.

These ultra-bright magnetic & waterproof LED roadside highlight discs have 9 unique flashing modes to draw attention in case of any emergency by creating a warning ring around you. Be seen from up to 5,000 feet away, so any oncoming traffic will be alerted and have plenty of time to react to your presence or provide help.

Nothing says you care more than giving someone a set of Safety Discs!

Roadside Highlights:
☑ Ultra bright LEDs with 9 unique flashing modes
☑ Lamp Life over 1,000 Hours
☑ Ultra durable and waterproof

Promising Review:

These will work great for Christmas! It’s a great gift for someone who drives a lot. They do exactly what the ad shows. I did volunteer first responder work, and I blocked a road due to a down line. The FD was impressed with them when I laid them out. – Tim Brantley

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